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We will be Onsite to Chill Your Champions

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Here at Perfect Equine Cold Saltwater Spa we strive to make your horses feel and perform at their best. Our objective is to eliminate swelling, increase blood flow and quicken the healing process.  

How does it work?

  •  Salt - Epsom and Dead Sea Salt are well known for their drawing, detoxifying, and restorative properties.

  • Temperature - the water is near freezing allowing the cold to reach deep within the leg during the treatment to provide hours of benefit.

  • Depth of the water - creates compression on the legs. It draws out soreness and helps to maintain blood flow and reduce discomfort and swelling. Compression therapy gently squeezes the leg which helps increase blood flow.

  • Circulation of the water - provides the best heat transfer from the horse’s legs to the water.

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Reduction of Heat and Inflammation in Legs


Draws out swelling and soreness in the legs and joints


Promotes Healing of Tendon & Ligament Injuries

Scott Jones.jpg

Scott Jones
Sr Hunter Under Saddle &
Maturity Open Hunter Under Saddle
2021 Congress Champion

From the long hauls, to horse show work load, to the concrete at most facilities...Perfect Equine Cold Saltwater Spa keeps Prescott at the top of his game. Not only their care and handling of him, but willingness to work with my exercise and show schedule is greatly... read more 


Lyndsey Bacon

SR Tropical Isle has found so much relief using the Perfect Equine Saltwater Spa.  At her age, 31, the aches and pains are there to stay, however after her treatments at the spa she is more agile and moves more freely.   I notice a considerable difference in her... read more 

Rachel - 5A6E23D8-9E12-4707-A443-5077068

Kristin Patton
First & Second Level Dressage
2021 AQHA Am World Champions

Smokin Custom Crome is a frequent flyer at the spa. At every major show he recovers from travel, recovers from work and relaxes at the spa. He is noticeably refreshed and more willing to perform at a high level when he is able to visit the spa... read more

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