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How to prepare for your appointment

Thank you for choosing Perfect Equine Cold Saltwater Spa. Your horse's wellbeing and safety are of utmost importance to us. We work diligently to ensure a safe environment and good experience for your horse. Our spa trailer is bright, airy and with its openness allows horses not to feel claustrophobic. 

Horses should come to the spa:

  • Without anything on their legs.

  • No leg wraps or boots.

  • No poultice or hoof packing - soft rides are fine but will be removed prior to entering the spa.

  • If your horse shows in earplugs please leave them in or insert them again prior to coming to the spa.

  • If your horse kicks, bites or has any questionable habits, please alert one of the Perfect Equine staff so special precautions can be taken.

What to expect during your appointment

Each horse varies and depending on how familiar they are to the spa, pain levels, attitude, etc., will decide whether or not they need sedation. In most cases, we may ask that the horse be mildly sedated prior to their first visit if they have not been in any spa before.  Please keep in mind that many competitions/organizations require blood testing so talk to your vet about what sedatives they should give. If your horse has recently been seen by a veterinarian for treatment, please bring a statement from your veterinarian stating that the spa treatment is safe for your horse. 

Horses with fresh wounds can be treated in the spa, however, if your horse has an open, bleeding wound please note we will not be able to put them in the spa until the bleeding/oozing subsides. Usually 24 hours.

Perfect Equine staff will pick the hooves, wash the legs and put on an equine diaper.  Once that process is complete the horse will be led up the ramp and into the spa.  The owner can lead the horse into the spa, however, only Perfect Equine staff personnel may handle your horse once in the spa.  You will then be directed to a comfortable waiting area until the process is complete.  


The cold saltwater will fill from the bottom of the tank to above the hocks with the circulation (aeration) on for most horses. Once the water reaches the desired level the horse will stay in for 10 minutes.  Please keep in mind that all measures will be taken to make sure your horse is comfortable and safe in the spa, however, if at any time prior to the 10 minute mark the horse becomes agitated Perfect Equine can decide to stop the process. Once the session is over and the tank has drained the horse will be led out and down the front ramp by a Perfect Equine staff member where you can then hold the horse while we remove the diaper.


It isn't mandatory but we recommend your horse's legs get hosed off after the spa treatment to remove any residual salt that might irritate fine skin.


Filling and draining the tank takes approximately 6 minutes so the horse is in the spa for approximately 16 minutes.  For a horse that has never been in any equine spa before, the process is slightly different and varies according to the needs and temperament of each horse. We are happy to discuss the process with you.  


Terms of service

Perfect Equine will do everything to ensure a positive and safe experience for you and your horses, however, when handling horses a level of risk is involved. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, Perfect Equine LLC will not be held liable.

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