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“From the long hauls, to horse show work load, to the concrete at most facilities...Perfect Equine Cold Saltwater Spa keeps Prescott at the top of his game. Not only their care and handling of him, but willingness to work with my exercise and show schedule is greatly appreciated. You are also guaranteed a happy face to greet you every day, even weeks into the horse show when we are all tired.  Thank you guys so much.”



Smokin Custom Crome

Smokin Custom Crome is a frequent flyer at the spa. At every major show he recovers from travel, recovers from work and relaxes at the spa. He is noticeably refreshed and more willing to perform at a high level when he is able to visit the spa. It helps his joints recover and sore muscles relax. Crome has a very busy travel and show schedule including showing in a wide variety to events from Reining and Ranch Riding to Western Dressage and Ranch Trail. At any given show he will compete in up to 15 classes over 4 days. The spa keeps him comfortable and able to win time after time. The more time he gets to visit the spa, the happier performance horse he is!



SR Tropical Isle

SR Tropical Isle has found so much relief using the Perfect Equine Saltwater Spa.  At her age, 31, the aches and pains are there to stay, however after her treatments at the spa she is more agile and moves more freely.   I notice a considerable difference in her overall demeanor and mobility.   She has received the best of care and maintenance her entire life and we will continue her treatments at the spa as long as she remains in our life.  Thank you so much Rachel for your dedication to our favorite mare!

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