How will my horse be introduced to the spa?

The most important thing when introducing a horse to the spa for the first time is to ensure they have a positive experience. At Perfect Equine, the spa staff will take extra time with a horse that has never been in a spa before. Introducing them to the spa, the water, and the circulation or “bubbles” slowly. Most of the time once a horse has been in the spa they relax and completely enjoy their spa time.

What is the process for getting the horse ready to go into the spa?

Horses should come to the spa without anything on their legs. No wraps, poultice, hoof packing or leg boots (soft rides are fine but we will remove them just before taking the horse into the spa). Perfect Equine staff will pick the hooves, wash the legs, and put on an equine diaper. Once that process is complete the horse will be led up the ramp and into the spa. The cold saltwater will fill from the bottom of the tank to above the hocks with the circulation or “bubbles” on for most horses. Once the water reaches the desired level the horse will stay in for 10 minutes. Then the tank will drain, and the horse will be led out and down the front ramp. Filling and draining the tank takes approximately 6 minutes so the horse is in the spa for approximately 16 minutes. For a horse that has never been in any equine spa before the process is slightly different and varies according to the needs and temperament of each horse. The Perfect Equine staff will be happy to discuss your horse and answer any questions you might have before your appointment.

What package deals are available?

The Perfect Equine Spa Package (10 treatments for $630) can be used in one of two ways. 1. The package is assigned to one horse. There is nothing to keep up with or worry about. Our software will track the number of treatments used for your horse. These package treatments can be used any time, any place that Perfect Equine is set up. See our calendar for a list of upcoming shows. 2. The package can be split between horses. When choosing the option to split a package between multiple horses ALL treatments MUST be used at a single show. Nothing will be carried forward. Want a spa package? Simply book your appointments and let the Perfect Equine staff know you want to purchase a package at your first appointment.

Do you have gift certificates?

YES! Perfect Equine offers gift certificates that are good for any show we are set up at. These can be purchased at the show or billed online. Call or text 910-217-5056 for more details.

Is the spa sanitized?

The Perfect Equine staff uses disinfecting wipes on the doors, side rails, and other common surfaces several times a day. We thoroughly wash the equine diaper after each use. There are multiple diapers to allow them to air dry between uses. Saltwater helps eliminate fungus, thrush, scratches, mud sores, and all sorts of skin irritations naturally. At Perfect Equine we take the health and wellbeing of our clients and their equine partners seriously. We actively disinfect all surfaces with both our horse and human customers in mind.