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Frequently asked Questions

Who is a spa candidate?

Any horse who has heat in their legs from training, showing, trailering, or an injury, whether tendon, joint, hoof or tissue, arthritis, laminitis, scratches, etc. 

What is the temperature of the water?

34 degrees Fahrenheit

How high do you fill the tank?

We typically add water to just above the hock unless our focus is on an issue with the lower part of the leg or hoof. It is important that the cold water not come up on the horses' belly as the temperature is too cold for vital organs.

Do Horses have to be sedated?

Each horse varies and depending on how familiar they are with the spa, pain levels, attitude, etc., will decide whether or not they need sedation. In most cases, we may ask that the horse be mildly sedated prior to their first visit if they have not been in any spa before.  Please keep in mind that many competitions/organizations require blood testing so talk to your vet about what sedatives they should give. If your horse has recently been seen by a veterinarian for treatment, please bring a statement from your veterinarian stating that the spa treatment is safe for your horse. 

How Should I Bring my Horse?

  • Without anything on their legs.

  • No leg wraps or boots.

  • No poultice or hoof packing - soft rides are fine but will be removed prior to entering the spa.

  • If your horse shows in earplugs please leave them in or insert them again prior to coming to the spa.

  • If your horse kicks, bites or has any questionable habits, please alert one of the Perfect Equine staff so special precautions can be taken.

My horse has never been in the spa, how will he be introduced to it?

The most important thing when introducing a horse to the spa for the first time is to ensure they have a positive experience. We may suggest a light sedation to make sure he remembers the process without being worried about it. Perfect Equine will take extra time with a horse that has never been in the tank before. Introducing them to the spa, the water and the circulation (bubbles) slowly. We will adjust the intensity of bubbles accordingly and adjust the height of the water to an acceptable level. Most of the time once a horse has gone through the process a time or 2 they settle right in, relax and enjoy their treatment. 

What is the process? 

Upon arrival, Perfect Equine staff will pick the hooves, wash the legs and put on an equine diaper.  Once that is complete the horse will be led up the ramp and into the spa.  The cold saltwater will fill from the bottom of the tank to above the hocks with the circulation (bubbles) on for most horses. Once the water reaches the desired level the horse will stay in for 10 minutes. Then the tank will drain and the horse will be led out and down the front ramp. 

Filling and draining the tank takes approximately 6 minutes so the horse is in the spa for approximately 16 minutes.  

Is the spa sanitized?

Here at Perfect Equine we take the health and wellbeing of you and your horse seriously. We disinfect the doors, side rails, and other common surfaces several times a day. We thoroughly wash out the equine diaper after each horse. We have multiple diapers to allow them to air dry between uses.  Saltwater helps eliminate fungi, thrush, scratches, sores, and all sorts of skin irritations naturally.  Our water is also triple filtered to keep our water cleaner between changes.

How do I make an Appointment?

Scheduling an appointment is easy and can be done a couple different ways. You can call or text us at (910) 217-5056 or email

Are Package Deals or Discounts Available?

Yes, we run special offers. Inquire upon scheduling.

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